Maintenance and overview

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With INNOMATE HR, the basic HR information is collected and systematized in one place. This gives the company a quick overview, valid data and flexible search capabilities both centrally and locally.

INNOMATE HR makes it easy to register and maintain data, and a large number of time-consuming workflows can be automated. By recruiting a new employee, workflows ensure the collection and registration of relevant data — education, CV, equipment lending, next of kin, anniversaries, etc. Other automated workflows ensure that the information is continuously maintained. INNOMATE HR can integrate with e.g. the payroll system, so selected data only needs to be maintained in one place.

Documents are collected in the electronic personnel folders.

Employees and managers can help to maintain data because access to view and maintain data can be controlled right down to the field level.

Overview and analysis

With systemized and validated data at your fingertips, you can continuously analyze and provide documentation for both operational and strategic HR tasks.

A simple and user-friendly interface allows you to design menus and tables with filtering and sorting of data. Tables and search results can be transferred to Excel with a single click and further processed there or in a Business Intelligence solution.

The time the manager uses to get a full overview of his employees has been reduced considerably, as all information is now available online.

There should no longer be kept track of and headed for papers in drawers and folders. Everything is systematized.

I can only recommend the system to other manufacturing companies.

Susan M. Nyvang, HR Manager

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Maintenance and overview

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