A thoroughly flexible HR-system based on the latest technology, with sleek and intuitive design

full flexibility

With INNOMATE HR, you can custom make your very own HR-system. Features, workflow automation, menus, tables, templates, messages, concepts, etc. can be adapted to the needs of the company.

The flexible setup allows us to offer HR-systems ranging from very simple solutions – with features and basic workflow automation, supplemented by manual work procedures – to expansive solutions for companies with connections that crisscross the organization and with a need for many features and automated workflows.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll find a solution to match.

Workflow automation
- visible streamlining of work procedures

INNOMATE HR has a unique, built-in workflow engine that automates the company’s HR-processes. Fixed and time-consuming work procedures, where information and tasks must be communicated or coordinated between employees and functions in the organization, are handled by INNOMATE HR with a simple click.

Sending emails and text messages, reminders and meeting requests, data registration, ordering equipment, deadline follow-ups, etc. takes place automatically. You save time, while ensuring the quality of the company’s HR efforts.

Individual workflows are designed based on the description of the company’s work procedures. INNOMATE offers a number of workflows – based on Best Practice – that can be adapted with a few adjustments.

for the modern organization

INNOMATE HR embraces any organization ranging from traditional, hierarchical organizations to project organisations with transitioning teams, employees with multiple managers, etc.

With INNOMATE HR, any kind of organization can be mirrored, thus ensuring that employees – wherever they are in the organization – have system access that matches their unique relationships.

One big step closer to GDPR Compliance

INNOMATE HR is designed to ensure the protection of personal data, in full compliance with applicable legislation (GDPR) on the processing of personal data. It includes a.o.:

  • Control of storing personal data.
  • Fine-grained access control - ensure who has access to which data.
  • Access log - all access to and processing of personal data is logged.
  • Transparency - it is possible to give employees access to all data held about them.
  • The right to be forgotten - automated workflows ensure automatic deletion of personal data.
  • Data security - all access to and transfer of personal data between the customer and INNOMATE is handled via a secure and encrypted connection.

A data processing agreement will be concluded between the customer and INNOMATE in accordance with applicable requirements.

When Technology
makes it easy and safe

INNOMATE HR is a cloud solution, based on the latest web technology and with a modern and intuitive user interface. The solution is Danish-developed and has been in production for more than 15 years.

The user has access to the system via their web browser on both PC and mobile platforms. It is therefore quick and easy to use, and updates and backups of the system occur continuously.

The system is subscription-based, with an annual payment that is contingent on the size of the company (number of employees).

INNOMATE HR can of course be integrated with the other systems of the company, e.g. the payroll and staffing system and the intranet. User access can be simplified through Single Sign-On.

Innomate er Cloud baseret

How to get started

Your needs and options are important for choosing a starter kit. Here are three examples:

The simple: do-it-yourself!

The safe: best practice-based

The custom made

The company is not very big and the processes can easily be overlooked. You primarily need a system where you and the company's other employees can collect and share data.

We open up for a solution and help import your master data. We review the system online with you, after which you are self-propelled with the support of our many instructional guides.

Support And service


With a unique expertise in connecting IT with HR, we help the company efficiently and effectively through the implementation: Identification of needs, preparing the system, design of workflow automation, user guides, system setup, training of superusers, etc..

We are with you all the way.

Technical Assistance

INNOMATE helps integrate with the company's other systems, for example: Payroll and Intranet. It is also possible to simplify user access via Single Sign-On.
In addition, we offer development of specially customized functionality.

Info / Events

On regular basis, we inform about news, system releases, tips and tricks, events, and more. We offer courses and other user events to optimize the use of INNOMATE HR, new and future functionality, exchange of experience etc.

Customer Support

A subscription to INNOMATE HR includes free support for all system administrators via mail or on-line assistance.

At our support site, a number of guides, documentation and other articles are available.

INNOMATE HR is an easy and simple system to use, and when I need help the affiliated consultant from INNOMATE, is always there to help.

Ulla Bonde Mortensen, HSSEQ & HR Responsible
Ocean Team Scandinavia


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