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INNOMATE HR handles any organization from the traditional hierarchical organization to the project organization with its cross-cutting teams and employees with multiple managers and employments.

Employees may at the same time be affiliated with a department, project group etc. - depending on the organization. It is also possible to handle employees who do not have formal employment, such as trainees and temps.

In INNOMATE HR the organization will be described using the so-called "accountability types", which establishes relationships between people, units and positions. All relationships are timed, so history is preserved.

Based on the users´ current relationships, INNOMATE HR ensures that employees, wherever they are placed in the organization, have the systemic access that matches their unique role. INNOMATE HR thereby dynamically supports compliance with the EU´s General Data Protection Regulation.


In INNOMATE HR, workflow automation help maintain the organization and ensure everyone is notified. When an employee is hired, moves to a new department, gets a new position internally etc., the changes are all handled by automated workflows, and the history is automatically saved.

The same applies when a new manager joins and to changes in the current organization, where old units are outdated and new ones arise, employees must be moved, and so on. At the same time, workflows automatically ensure information for involved employees.

When a new employee is hired through the recruitment module, automated workflows use existing information about the applicant, while collecting and recording data from relevant sources whenever this is necessary. All employments and positions can be linked to a Job Description. Read more about this in the case article Recruitment and Onboarding.

Organizational Development

INNOMATE HR can – using automated workflows – support a proactive organizational development with targeted programs such as: Talent Management and Succession Management.

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Organization and organizational development

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