Streamlining and automation
of the recruitment process

INNOMATE HR Recruitment is a web-based solution that covers all phases of recruitment – from when the need for a new employee arises to the selection and hiring of the applicant.
Automated workflows ensure that the company's own processes are optimally supported with maximum automation of:

  • Creation and publishing of job postings
  • Notification of the parties involved in the recruitment process
  • Communication with candidates
  • Onboarding
  • Secure handling of personal data

All information about a job posting is gathered in one place, including communication with the parties involved.

Job openings are published by INNOMATE HR Recruitment directly in a Job Portal on the company's own website. Here, candidates can find the vacant jobs and submit applications. Job openings can be transferred to other job portals and posted on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

In the job opening, a number of questions can be added, which the candidates must respond to and which can subsequently be used for screening of the candidates.


Applications from the Job Portal are automatically registered in the system and a confirmation is emailed to the candidates. The HR function and the current hiring committee have access to the applications. Applications can be commented and assessed as basis for interview selection.

All communication with candidates is handled through automated workflows.

Candidates consent that personal data is used in the recruitment process for a limited period of time. At the end of the period, the applications will be automatically deleted.

INNOMATE HR is a Cloud Solution, where the individual user gains access to the system via their internet browser. Also, the use of mobile devices is supported. The system can be used as an independent tool or integrated into the full INNOMATE HR solution.

The solutions can be implemented in just one week, thanks to an effective startup package.

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