INNOMATE HR Basic - for the small business growing

Get started quickly and easily

Are you a company with HR data in spreadsheets and manual workflows, and is it now time to take advantage of the digital opportunities?

INNOMATE HR Basic is for businesses that need a simple, but unified HR solution that can keep track of data and make your workflows much smarter and more automated.

We have prepared a solution with modules for handling all basic HR tasks - from recruitment to resignation. Basic requires minimal setup as we have set up user groups, rights, advanced automated workflows, standard mail messages, templates, step-by-step instructions and much more based on best practice. With guides for all modules it is easy to get started, and we also help with free support.

Start up simply, and deploy more modules along the way. We are constantly updating Basic with improvements and new functionality.

Get easily started

  • Quick start as Basic is prepared based on Best Practice.
  • Simple quickstart package - initial online meeting where a plan for your startup is agreed upon, as well as subsequent online guidance on system and modules.
  • Data import via import module.
  • Get self-driving with guides for each module.
  • Free support - we are ready to help your system administrators every day - even after implementation is complete..
  • Maintenance - we provide Basic updates with continuous improvements and new functionality.


  • Organiszation setup - units, managers, employees.
  • Dynamic user rights.
  • Employee data - address, contact info, photo, next of kin etc.
  • Employment info - job title, working hours, pay, etc.

  • Job portal on your company's website.
  • Management of job postings.
  • Management of job applications (workflow controlled processes).
  • Communication with applicants via emails and SMS, autoresponder on application.
  • Preboarding or refusal.

  • Onboarding – notification of relevent employees of the organization, automatic welcome email, obtainin relevent consents.
  • Notification of probation interview.
  • Rotation - New job inside the organization.
  • Offboarding - User access removal.

  • Electronic staff archive - contract, course certificates, consents etc.
  • Digital signing of documents (danish service)
  • Consent management - Collection, storage and repealing.
  • Ressource management - full controll of ressources e.g. PC, mobile etc.
  • Absence management - handling vacations, sickness and other absences.
  • Registration of the employee's educations.
  • Registration of other competence development.
  • Registration of past employment.
  • Registration of other relevant experience.

  • Dialogue form for preparation of the development interview and summary of conclusions and agreements.
  • Email/SMS invitation to MUS with calender appointment.
  • Electronic approval of dialogue form
  • Progress overview.

Let INNOMATE HR grow with your company

If you need to expand, you can easily upgrade from Basic to Pro or Enterprise.
Read more about our 3 solutions

INNOMATE HR - in general

  • Simple and modern user interface
  • Access for managers and employees to all relevant data.
  • Simple user access with Single Sign-On
  • Simple step-by-step instructions that support proper use.
  • Filtering/sorting all lists of data, free text search and extract for Excel.

  • Unique built-in workflow engine that automates workflows - records and updates data, coordinates tasks, sends reminders and more.
  • Integration using built-in API (OData) for e.g. payroll system, intranet, etc.
  • GDPR secured with proper handling of personal data.
  • Cloud Based solution with automatic updates.


Order 28 days free demo. You can also book a short online presentation og invite us to drop by.

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