Absence management

- Simple and effective handling of employees' vacations and other absences.

Absence management

The module handles both acute sickness and application and approval of planned absence e.g. vacation.

The employee himself - or someone else on behalf of the employee - records in the case of sickness and and recovery. Relevant employees inside of the organisation are informed on an ongoing basis. In the case of prolonged illness, automatic notifications and a invite for a absence interview is handled.

The module also provides the opportunity to handle the application and processing of other absences e.g. holidays.

The system secures documentation and survey of absence and have the possibility to export data to other systems e.g. payroll systems.

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  • Registration of acute absence - illness, accident, child's first day of sickness.
  • Registration of date of recovery.
  • Application and processing of vacations and other forms of absence of this kind.
  • Communication via SMS or e-mail.
  • Automatic notification of manager and HR in case of acute absence.
  • In case of long-term illness in accordance with the danish sickness benefit legislation - relevant employee's recives notification and incitation to absence interview
  • Vacation and absence data - survey, history and documentation. Ability to export to Excel and imoport to other payroll systems.

Absence management - Basic | Pro | Enterprise


In Basic, the management of both acute and scheduled absences is supported by automated workflows.

It is possible to extract registrations for use, for example, your payroll system.


In addition to what is included in Basic, Pro allows you to handle both call-in and conduct sick absence interviews.


In Enterprise, the standardized workflows that support your absence management can be customized, or completely new workflows can be tailored to optimally support the needs of your organization.

It is possible to automatically upload the absence record to your payroll system.

INNOMATE HR Enterprise

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  • Acute absence registration
  • Fit for work note
  • Application for leave and absence
  • Processing of applied for absence
  • Navigation
  • Data Types
  • Get started
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