Competency Management

All handling of competencies is fully supported

Education and courses

The competencies are already in focus when a new employee is hired. A automated workflow for onboarding ensures that completed education is registered. Documentation can be scanned and attached to the registration. Introductory courses, necessary certifications and further education, are planned and registered.

Workflows continuously monitor that certification and further training are carried out according to plan and that certifications are retrieved on time. This ensures a valid overview of both planned and completed courses.

Employees can apply for participation in courses, both internally and externally, via the system. When applying for external courses, costs and absence can be specified.

Once scheduled education is completed, the employees can update own data and upload the required documentation. The manager / HR authorizes the registration before it becomes fully valid.

INNOMATE HR also provides the opportunity for actual course management, where the company itself provides and manages courses internally.

Competency assessment and profile

Competency assessment is often used prior to an employee interview where statusand expectations are discussed and an individual competence developmentis planned.
A competency assessment also provides an opportunity to analyze the need for competence development for the larger number of employees and can be used as a basis for an overall planning of training.

Competencies can be described on several levels and compiled for profiles on ywhich the employee can be assessed. A competence profile can, for example, Include competencies for using certain tools and machines, performing specific work processes or solving tasks.

INNOMATE HR provides an overview of the skills and development needs of the individual employee, for teams, departments and the entire organization.

Workflow automation supports the company's processes regarding assessment of competencies and follow-up on agreed competence development.

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Competency Management

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