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INNOMATE HR offers access to all data through a so-called Application Programming Interface (API), enabling the exchange of data between INNOMATE HR and other IT systems.

Thus, it is possible to both extract data from INNOMATE HR and enter data through this API. In this way, integrations can be built where other systems retrieve your data from INNOMATE HR and use it for example. reporting or updating of master data, or where otherwise update the data in INNOMATE HR from other systems.

Create an API key

Access to the API is done using an API key. A person with admin access can find and create API keys from the Settings menu:

The page also contains a link to the technical documentation, from which you can test the possibilities with the help of an API key:

OData protocol

We have chosen to use the OData protocol for our API. It is a protocol that allows detailed filtering of data to make it easier to get exactly the data you are looking for.

The API is currently in Beta testing, which means that there may be changes in output where we might. have not complied with the OData protocol. So if you are missing an OData feature in our API, or find an error, we would love to hear about it at

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