Case - VUC Storstrøm

From recruitment to overall HR-platform

About VUC Storstrøm

VUC Storstrøm teaches 3800 students in 6 cities annually. Here, young people and adults are offered competence-enhancing and study-preparatory subjects from the lowest to the highest high school level.
The organization has 200 employees and employs approx. 20 new employees a year.

The start of the collaboration

VUC Storstrøm started their search for an HR system based on a need for a Recruitment System. Therefore, it was also the first module to be implemented. Subsequently, in collaboration, INNOMATE has continuously selected and introduced new modules as they became necessary. This has ensured a smooth roll-out, where the progression in the use of INNOMATE HR was driven by the growing need for digital HR tools.

Today, VUC Storstrøm has a comprehensive HR solution that covers all phases of the employees' recruitment process, which HR consultant Mette Norrmann highlights as central:

"What creates the greatest value for us is the common thread running through from recruitment to resignation, we start by making a job posting in INNOMATE, when we have found the right candidate, I use Preboarding to transfer all information to the new employee, send a employment contract for digital signature, e-Box, etc.”

What does VUC Storstrøm use INNOMATE HR for

  • Administration of all employee-related data, as well as full overview of organization via organization chart.
  • Supporting processes related to the reception of an employee, reshuffling along the way and finally resignation.
  • Recruitment with own job portal and integration to the Jobnet.
  • Administration of consents.
  • Registration and mapping of internal competencies.

  • Administration of internal resources such as lending of keys and IT equipment.
  • Generation, storage and systematization of all employee-related documents.
  • Possibility of digital signature and use of e-Boks.
  • Management of Performance Appraisals as well as sick leave interviews and care conversations.

VUC Storstrøm expand their use of INNOMATE HR

As INNOMATE HR was implementeddifferent places in the organization, a greater need arose for tailor-made solutions that could cover exactly the specific needs and challenges that VUC Storstrøm faces. Therefore VUC Storstrøm and INNOMATE in collaboration have created tailor-made solutions for handling ‘portfolio dialogue’, taxation of workphones, Covid-19 administration and much more.
INNOMATEs ongoing sparring and cooperation with the customer are highly valued, says Mette Norrmann.

"As soon as we have a problem that must be solved or need of develope something new, INNOMATE is always ready right away. I always say - anything is possible, you are always open to new ideas ”.

The main benefits for VUC Storstrøm

  • Overall HR Platform
  • Workflows automate manual administrative tasks and quality-assure internal routines
  • Seamless integration from Recruitment to Onboarding.
  • Decentralization of administrative tasks

  • Secure handling of personal data and documents as well as access to them, automatic deletion and archiving of personal data in accordance with applicable legislation, etc.
  • Sending documents to digital signature and e-Box.
  • Automatic exchange of data with Ludus (external IT system) via API.

Not only HR staff use INNOMATE

Several employee groups use INNOMATE HR for various work tasks, e.g. IT and the study administration are responsible for the administration of lending of keys and IT equipment. And Recruitment teams consisting of employees across the organization - read, comment on and rate applications before convening the applicants for interview.
In addition, managers diligently use INNOMATE HR. Mette Normann elaborates;

“Because all information about the individual employee is available in INNOMATE HR. And in addition, the manager himself convenes his employees for Performance Appraisals and care conversations.

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