Try INNOMATE HR Basic for 28 days

- Follow our demo guide with 10 highlights.

Order 28 days free demo

We offer a free trial subscription to INNOMATE HR Basic for 28 days, We recommend you follow our guide with 10 highlights.

The demo allows you to import your employees, build your organization and try out different functionality and the like. You will also be able to invite your employees / colleagues to log on to the system with their personal

When you order a trial subscription, you will receive an email with login and instructions on how to get started. At the end of your trial subscription, just notify us if you wish to proceed with our system, If not, we will delete the system along with all data.

Do you want to continue

If you want - when the trial period ends, we agree on a plan for quick and efficient commissioning. You can either choose to continue with the data from your Demo or you can start over from a fresh system.

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