Employee Dialogue

Management and Documentation of Employee Dialogues

Effective management

Talks between manager and employees are one of the cornerstones of leadership. INNOMATE HR supports all types of employee dialogues, eg.:

  • Performance Appraisals
  • Probationary Period Assessments
  • Status Interviews
  • Career Reviews
  • Salary Reviews
  • Conversations with senior employees
  • Sickness Absence Reviews

Workflow automation ensures that

  • The dialogues are implemented systematically based on the company's policies
  • Documentation is collected from the conversations
  • That agreed action is taken

The process

The individual types of dialogues can be defined differently: as independent processes handled by workflow automation. The dialogues can be initiated automatically when the conditions are present — for example half a year after the last interview or if sick leave exceeds 14 days.

The person responsible for completing the dialogue is using an automated workflow, that typically sends an email containing meeting invitations, outlook booking, link to a form/questionnaire and/or other materials. The company easily designs and edits own forms/questionnaires, which can be supplemented with quantitative questions for minor spot analyzes. Once the invitation has been sent, the workflow automation will follow up with automatic reminders.

Through INNOMATE HR, the people involved can be kept up to date on conclusions from previous dialogues, employee competencies, completed and planned courses, unfinished action items, etc. — Everything, however, depends on the user's permissions.

Conclusions from a dialogue are listed in the form/questionnaire, which is subsequently approved by the parties electronically.

Targeted follow-up

From the way the process of the current dialogue are defined, an automated workflow — running in the background — monitors that the all activities are carried out. In case of default, reminders will be send.

All stakeholders, e.g. employees, managers and HR Partners, can monitor all conclusions: assignment and responsibilities, status, and deadlines.
This ensures a targeted follow-up and documentation of employee dialogues.

INNOMATE HR is an easy and simple system to use, and when I need help the affiliated consultant from INNOMATE, is always there to help.

Ulla Bonde Mortensen, HSSEQ & HR Responsible
Ocean Team Scandinavia

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Employee Dialogue

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