HR in the Education Sector

The HR solution that helps the sector solve its numerous special challenges

HR solution for schools

For more than 10 years, INNOMATE has been working closely with educational institutions and their organizations to develope and operate an HR solution tailored to address the specific challenges of the education sector.

The solution is now widely used by vocational colleges, high schools, social and health schools, business academies, primary schools etc. and includes all processes from recruitment to resignation.

INNOMATE HR integrates with various study management systems, such as EASY, LUDUS, and SIS. There is an option to facilitate user access with Single Sign-On, directly or through UNI Login, WAYF, ADFS or another sign-on solution.

INNOMATE HR is thus adapted to reality in the education world, where legislation and other regulatory requirements, collective agreements, quality assurance etc. place additional demands for HR management.

Using the sector requirements, the solution is tailored to each school's needs and practices.

Special solutions

Here are a few examples of the special tasks that INNOMATE HR manages at the schools:

Document handling:

  • Generation of contracts based on own custom templates.
  • Digital signing of contracts
  • Submission to e-Boks of signed contract.

Management of competence requirements:

  • Teachers in vocational schools completes the Educational Diploma program, etc. within 4 years of employment.
  • A high school teacher meets the pedagogy requirements within 2 years.
  • That teachers in business academies, etc. qualify for the lecturer approval within four years.

Employment assessment:

  • Assessment of teachers in vocational schools after 6, 12 and 18 months of employment.
  • Assessment of other employees within the first 3 months of employment.

Competence development:

  • Managing course applications from employees.
  • Securing documentation upon completion of education.
  • Follow-up on expiration of certifications.

Work tasks:

  • Controls follow-up conversations regarding work tasks.

Sickness absence:

  • Follow-up on long-term sick leave.

We are creating a combination of several of our HR processes through INNOMATE HR and the system's workflow automation - including: onboarding, employment assessment, lecturer qualification and appraisal interviews.

And here we experience the cooperation with INNOMATE as very well.

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HR in The education sector

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