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INNOMATE HR contains a strong import function that enables both import and updating of all types of data in the system.

Open for import

Before you start, make sure the import option is opened in your system.

What you do by selecting User Groups from the main menu. Select the user group Admin and the menu option Feature permissions. Here, check the checkbox next to Import data and click Save.

Prepare import

From your personal menu, select Import Data.

  1. At the top, row type (data type) is selected. Here you can choose between all types of data in the system.
  2. Then choose how the data is imported. You can choose between
    • to upload a .csv file or
    • to copy data from an Excel file.
  3. You can expand the Advanced Settings bar and select column separator manually. We recommend letting the setting be automatic.

Depending on the type of import you can now either

  • choose to upload a file - as shown above or
  • copy data into a text box as shown below.

Common to both options is that the first row must be made up of headings describing data in the individual columns. Avoid headings that contain characters that can be perceived as separators.

Import data

I use to copy fields that contain personal data from an Excel sheet and click Next.

In this example, we can observe that our column headings are recognized by the import except for 'postnr'.

Here I first select 'Address' and then 'Postcode'.

When I check that the columns are correct, I click on the green Import button. The import ends with a receipt showing the result of the import.

Update data

The import function can also be used to update data in the system.

In this example, I will update the email addresses of the employees in a department. The list must consist of a key identifying the person, e.g. social security number, system ID or as Person ID and the field to be updated.

On the page where the columns are matched, specify which column contains the key. Then click Import and we will receive a receipt, which here tells what is updated.

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