Workflow management

Let INNOMATE HR do the work - streamline and automate your HR-processer.

Workflowstyring - shift your digitalization into a higher gear

INNOMATE HR has a unique built-in workflow engine, which streamlines the company's HR processes and speeds up digitalisation with automated and much smarter workflows.

Time-consuming HR-processes, where information and tasks must be passed on or coordinated across the organization, are supported by automated workflows with just a few clicks.

Follow-up on deadlines, sending out e-mails and SMS, reminders and meeting notices, data registration, ordering equipment to new employees, obtaining consent etc. happens automatically. A workflow can also include automatically creation of contracts and other documents based on own templates and with subsequent digital signing and forwarding to e-Boks.

INNOMATE HR comes with a number of prepared workflows based on Best Practice. With Enterprise, workflows can be customized so that they exactly match your practice.

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Automated workflows - the many benefits

  • Streamlines HR processes.
  • Standardizes and ensures quality.
  • Ensures smooth communication and task coordination.
  • Minimizes the risk of errors.
  • Monitors data e.g. expiration of deadlines or lack of task solution.
  • Creates an overview of progress in initiated processes.
  • Provides a full overview of who does what and when?
  • Supports GDPR in relation to correct data processing and automatic deletion according to current legislation.

The workflows used connect work tasks across the modules in INNOMATE HR and can handle processes that extend over both shorter or longer periods of time. A workflow can be started with a few clicks by relevant users or time-controlled by the system.

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Workflow management
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