- when the technology makes it easy and safe

When the technology makes it easy

INNOMATE HR is a cloud solution based on the latest web technology. The user has access to the system via his internet browser from both computer and mobile platforms and is therefore easy and fast to access without any installation.

INNOMATE HR is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service solution, where INNOMATE as part of your subscription is responsible for operation, maintenance, upgrades and backups of the system.

And as a cloud solution, the update are made automatically and continuously so your INNOMATE HR always will be up-to-date with the latest functionalities.

Single Sign-On
- user-friendly and secure access

Access to INNOMATE HR takes place online with a login and password. For Pro or Enterprise solutions, it is possible to select Single Sign-On, so that users avoid maintaining and remembering passwords for INNOMATE HR, but can log in with the user access they already use on your network.

Single Sign-On can integrate with Azure Active Directory, INNOMATE Windows Authentication, ADFS, WAYF and UNI Login, among others.

Integration - connect INNOMATE HR with your other systems

With our open and well-documented API, you can integrate INNOMATE HR with other IT systems, intranets or third-party systems. Eg. time registration and payroll systems can be kept up to date with employee information.

INNOMATE HR can thus be used as the central source system, where other other systems retrieve and update data.

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