Recruiting and onboarding

The combination of an efficient recruitment tool and workflow automation ensures professional handling of hiring and onboarding


The recruitment module in INNOMATE HR allows an efficient and professional handling of the recruitment process: with full overview and easy access to data, communication management, and automated workflows.

For example, when the need for a new employee occurs in a department, a local manager will start an automated workflow and provide it with the necessary information. The workflow automation ensures validation and approval, for example by the managers own boss, before creating a job opening and informing the recruitment officer. After qualifying, the recruitment officer publishes the final job posting.

When publishing the job opening, it will be automatically available on the Job Portal on the company's website. At the same time, it is sent to Jobnet, Jobindex and other relevant portals, through workflows automation. The recruitment team is notified via an email that contains a link to the job opening in INNOMATE HR. Here the submitted applications can be followed read, commented, and rated.

INNOMATE HR handles all communication with the applicants, including auto reply upon receipt of application, call for interviews, rejection, etc.

For the chosen candidate, you will start an automated workflow to take care of the full onboarding process.


Once the recruitment decision has been made, a manager or HR employee starts a workflow that automates for example:

  • Information to relevant employees regarding preparation of contract, job description, salary, employee benefits, etc.
  • Automatic generation of contract from own templates, with subsequent digital signing and forwarding to e-Boks.
  • Automatic follow-up on deadlines: eg. probation period review.
  • Registration of competencies, closest relatives (ICE) etc.
  • Ordering of resources / equipment (desk, key cards, mobile phone, laptop, subscriptions, etc.).
  • Notification of supervisors, colleagues, mentor etc. prior to start date.
  • Sending an welcome email to the employee.
  • Enrollment to intro-courses, competence development etc.

The workflow automation is designed to optimally support business decisions and work routines in your company.

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Recuiting and onboarding

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