Document management

Fully automated
document management
in compliance with GDPR

INNOMATE offers a solution that fully automates all document management in HR. With dynamic and advanced access and permission management, all document management is secured in compliance with the GDPR Personal Data Regulation.

Document management - powered by workflow automation - covers the elements:

  • File archive of each employee replaces the physical staff folder
  • Creation and maintenance of templates
  • Generating documents
  • Internal approval of document
  • Digital signature using NemID
  • Transfer of documents to the employee's e-Boks.

The solution handles the files storage period, also after an employee has resigned. And all accesses are logged. The requirements of the GDPR are thus fully met.


In INNOMATE HR, templates can be created with the required merge fields. Along the way in eg. the recruitment process, data is collected dynamically in INNOMATE HR and provides the basis for the generation of a employment contract.

The user creates and maintain the templates that are needed. This is easily done by eg. copy a Word file and paste it directly into the document template, then the merge fields will be specified and the template is ready for use.

CASE: Recruitment and Employment

When a new employee is hired, a typical process supported by workflow automation can look like this:

  • The correct applicant is found and the terms of employment are agreed.
  • In INNOMATE HR, the relevant template is selected and a document in pdf format is created. The document is available in the future employee's file archive in INNOMATE HR. A manager to approve the draft contract are able to read and comment on the draft.
  • Upon approval, INNOMATE HR will send the contract to digital signature using NemID, to the company's CEO and to the new employee. As soon as both have signed, the draft contract is replaced by the digitally signed. All of this is powered by automated workflows, customized to the company. And with full security around sensitive data.
  • It is possible to complete the process by automatically transferring the signed document to the employee's e-Boks.

Other documents

Like the case, described above, all other forms of documents can be generated, sent to digital signature and/or to the employee's e-Boks.

Also scanned documents in PDF format can be processed using the digital signature and e-Boks.


The module can be used for all kinds of documents that require approval and signing of management and/or employee.

Particularly in connection with onboarding, rotation and offboarding, the module's elements are built into automated workflows that support the processes. Read more about Recruitment and Onboarding.

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Document management

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