One big step closer to GDPR compliace

INNOMATE HR – your shortcut to compliance

INNOMATE HR is designed to ensure the protection of personal data in full compliance with applicable personal data legislation and the requirements of the EU Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

With a large number of built-in functions, INNOMATE HR can therefore become an important piece in your compliance with correct and secure handling of personal data and the provision of the necessary documentation for this.

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INNOMATE as your data processor

When you sign a subscription agreement with INNOMATE, you also sign a Data Processor Agreement, cf. the provisions of the EU Personal Data Regulation and the corresponding Danish legislation.

INNOMATE management is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the obligations contained in the agreement are complied with and that we have the necessary policies, procedures and technical safety measures to ensure this.

For everyone at INNOMATE, GDPR is a natural part of everyday life and our special GDPR group works continuously with updating, checking and documenting that we handle your data in a secure manner.

INNOMATE's compliance with the data processor agreement is subject to an independent audit every year.


  • Manage the storage of personal data.
  • Detailed rights management - You fully control who has access to view and correct data.
  • Authentication with Single Sign-On.
  • Logging - all changes in INNOMATE HR are registered, so you can always see who made which changes and when.
  • Transparency - employees have easy access to see and correct their own data.
  • Secure handling of consents and other documents with the option of using a digital signature and E-box.
  • Automatic deletion and archiving of personal data via periodic workflows according to current legislation.
  • The right to be forgotten - automatic deletion of data and the right to transmit own data.
  • Data security - all access to and transfer of personal data between the customer and INNOMATE takes place via a secure and encrypted connection.

Let INNOMATE HR grow with your company

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INNOMATE HR - in general

  • Simple and modern user interface
  • Access for managers and employees to all relevant data.
  • Simple user access with Single Sign-On
  • Simple step-by-step instructions that support proper use.
  • Filtering/sorting all lists of data, free text search and extract for Excel.

  • Unique built-in workflow engine that automates workflows - records and updates data, coordinates tasks, sends reminders and more.
  • Integration using built-in API (OData) for e.g. payroll system, intranet, etc.
  • GDPR secured with proper handling of personal data.
  • Cloud Based solution with automatic updates.

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