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INNOMATE´s use of cookies

We use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer, mobile or similar, and is used to collect a variety of information about you, your computer and your behavior on our website. This cookie is deleted from your browser after a while. There is no personal information stored in our cookies and they cannot contain viruses.

Purpose of cookies
With cookies we collect knowledge about the use of our website and the traffic on it, so that we can continuously optimize and improve the site. In addition, we use cookies to implement the service you have requested, for example. Submitting materials, scheduling meetings, signing up for newsletters, etc. You can read about how to avoid or delete cookies here:

INNOMATE collects only personal information that you have provided yourself. The information is never disclosed to a third part unless you explcitly consent to it. You provide your personal information at your own risk. You have the the right to be told what information is attributable to you. You may object at any time to the use of the information. you may also revoke your consent to the processing of information about you and you have the right to have the information deleted or corrected if incorrect.

Third party with access to set cookies
The site uses Google analytics cookies to measure site ttaffic. You can opt out of cookies from Google Analytics here:

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