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About Support

A subscription to INNOMATE HR includes Free Support for the customers System Managers in relation to the solutions standard functionality, that has been prepared and put into service.

  • System Manager is the person (s) who are strategically and/or administratively responsible for the operation of INNOMATE HR at the customer.
  • Standard funktionality includes the setup and the modules that have been developed and delivered as standard.

Free Support includes both the handling of technical errors and user-technical assistance to what you may have overlooked or forgotten when the system does not work as you expect.

Support is achieved by sending an email with your question to

If you need help, it is a good idea to first check if you can find the answers on our Support Site.

For support and consultancy, we often use online meetings with screen sharing.

The following do not fall under Free Support:

  • Consultancy with advice and assistance to the deployment of standard functionality.
  • Introduction and training of new System Managers, including support for new System Managers who have not received proper introduction and training.
  • Support of specially developed solutions, ie. solutions developed specifically for the customer, eg. workflow/actions, special data types and fields and authorization rules.V

Services that do not qualify for Free Support, settled after time consumed, see. Price list.

User newsletter

We regularly send User Newsletters addressed to our customers Agreement Responsible and System Managers. By this we keep you informed of News, System Releases, Best Practices, Events and changes in terms, etc.. If you are a System Manager and not receiving our User Newsletter, please contact us at

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