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Operating Status

13.01.2021: Version 3.27.3 released. Bug fix.

12.01.2021: Version 3.27.2 released. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

20.12.2020: Version 3.27.1 released. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

16.11.2020: Version 3.27 released.

08.07.2020: Our subcontractor of the Digital Signature service: Visma Addo, is experiencing problems delivering emails to certain types of email addresses. Resolved. Follow the request.

23.06.2020: Version 3.26 released.

26.04.2020: Version 3.25 released.

15.03.2020: Encryption certificate renewal issues caused access problems to our systems during the period CET 01:00 to 17:53.

28.02.2020 Version 3.24.2 released.
Issues concerning permission and the course module have been resolved.

13.02.2020 Version 3.24.1 released.
With the release, the problem in v3.24, which requires the use of Ctrl + F5, is solved.

08.02.2020 Version 3.24 released.
After the release, you may need to refresh / update the browser for the first time, e.g. using Ctrl + F5.

17.11.2019 Version 3.23 released.

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