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In companies where not all emplyees has access to read email, SMS can be used as a communication tool. Eg. in a combination where a workflow automation sends the message as emails to those who have an email-account and as SMS to others (if they have a mobile phone).

SMS can also be considered into workflows automation as a general supplement to emails, for example as a reminder prior to a meeting or an upcoming deadline.

Opportunities are numerous!


In addition to supporting the sending of SMS, INNOMATE HR also facilitates the display of history.

Similar to email history, SMS history can also be displayed on the employee's or the applicant's retail menu.

As a documentation for the total activity, the main menu will give access to SMS history


We make the facility available for free, but there are costs associated with the use, as SMS is not free to send through the mobile network .

For those customers who wants to use the SMS facility, there is an addition to the annual subscription price of DKK 4,000. And a quarterly payment due to the actual use of SMS, according to current price.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a fixed price. We are working under the global market conditions, which means 'daily prices', settled in USD.

Here are some examples of current price, converted into DKK:

  • For Danish mobile numbers: DKK 0,23
  • For Swedish mobile numbers: DKK 0,47
  • For German mobile numbers: DKK 0,72

En totaloversigt over dagspriser finder du her.

All prices are excl. VAT.

Get started

  • Consider how SMS can be used to optimize communication in your business?
  • In which workflow automations would it be relevant to add SMS, either as an alternative or as a supplement to emails?

Write to us at and we will contact you for a further agreement.

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