Competence Management

- Includes the modules Formal competences and Competence assessment.

Competence management

Get a one-of-a-kind competency management with effective administration of educations, programs and courses as well as targeted competency assessments.

Competence management includes two modules - Formal Competences and Competence Assessment - That can be considered as two sides of the same case:

  • Formal Competences includes administration of education, diploma courses, certifications etc.
  • Competence Assessments are about assessing the competencies that the emplyee demonstrates in the performance of his og her tasks. - How does the employee perform.

The two modules interact e.g. you can carry out competency assessments prior to employee-interviews and from there assess the need for specific competence development activities.

Read more about the two modules:

Module for Formal competencies
Module for Competency Assessment

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