- Get control of your organization and basic HR data


Organization is the foundation of INNOMATE HR.
Here you get an overview of and can maintain your organizational structure:
  • which units (departments) are included,
  • how are the references between the units,
  • who are managers and as well
  • information on employees and their employment.
It is possible to import data from eg. Excel files. But also to integrate with other systems through an API (OData) and by that way automatically maintain data.

The organizational structure with units, employees and managers, user creation etc. is set up and maintained via automated workflows.


  • Maintenance of organization - Units, managers and employees.
  • User groups, based on employee roles: employee, manager, member of recruitment team, representative etc.
  • Control of the employee´s master information - address, contact info, photo, next of kin etc.
  • Control of the employee´s employment information, who is employed where and in what position, working hours, salary, employment history etc.
  • Employees have the posibility to register and update their own data themselves.
  • Job-function management - job descriptions with tasks, responsibilities and skill requirements.
  • Full overview and easy access to valid HR-data - number of employees (full-time / part-time employees), resignation, gender, age, etc.
  • Full history and documentation.
  • Workflows help set up and maintain your organization with units, employees, managers, user acces and more.
  • Data import and integration with other systems.

Organization - Basic | Pro | Enterprise


With Basic you get the basic functionality for building and maintaining your organization with employees and managers.

With the help of the import module you have the opportunity to import relevant data available in Excel format yourself. And similarly, you can export all data from the system in Excel format.


In addition to what is included in the Basic, Pro allows:

  • to support a more complex organization with, among other things, registration of other organization roles such as secretary, deputy chief and union representatives.
  • position management.
  • system integration.

All predefined solutions are provided by Pro. But with Enterprise it is possible to customize everything and tailor the organization with special relationships between eg. persons, units and positions.

To support the new relationships, user groups can be created with rights that are assigned dynamically.

INNOMATE HR Enterprise


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