Document management

- All staff files stored securely at one platform.

Document management

Inside INNOMATE HR, documents gets generated from your premade templates, when generated, the document can be sent to digitalt signature or e-Boks.

Each employee have there own file archive, which is divided into categories. e.g. applications and training certificates. All documents previously stored in the physical staff folder, are now stored here.

You design and maintain the templates you need. From these templates documents are generated by automated workflows and send to e-mails or the employee´s file archive. After that other workflows makes it possible to send to other services like e-Boks og digital signature.

Everything happens with full personal data security in accordance with GDPR.

Read more in this case about document management.

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  • Filearchive on the employee's personal page.
  • uploading of scanned documents directly to the employee's file archive.
  • Document generation via your own premade templates.
  • Send document to digital signature by both employee and management.
  • Ability to send documents to e-Boks.
  • Communication with users via SMS og emails.
  • Workflows automates and quality assure all processes.
  • Fully GDPR secured.

Document management - Basic | Pro | Enterprise


In Basic you have the opportunity to digitize the files of the employees and save them in their file archive. This in full compliance (GDPR).

From here, documents - for example, an employment contract can be sent to digital signature by both employee and management.


In addition to what is included in Basic, Pro allows you to generate documents from own templates where data is merged from INNOMATE HR. After internal approval, the document can be sent for digital signing.

Scanned documents can be sent directly from the scanner to the employee's file archive.
It is also possible to send documents from the file archive to e-Box.


In Enterprise, the standardized workflows in your document management can be customized, or the module's elements can be built into brand-new customized workflows that support the processes eg. in connection with onboarding, rotation and offboarding.

In full accordance with the needs of your particular organization.

INNOMATE HR Enterprise

Read more about document management in the intro which undergoes e.g. the preparations, including considerations of which processes fit into your organization.

Furthermore the intro reviews the commissioning.

Intro: Dokumenthåndtering


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